Tuesday, 7 January 2014

V & A Museum

We like to visit museums with Nate and normally try to look for things he will like. In the case of the British Museum it was the Parthenon Room to look at the horses. However, if we are in South Kensington we normally go to the Natural History Museum. To mix things up and try something new we went to the V&A and went to their exhibition space set aside for Digital Kids and picked up a backpack especially for under 5's to explore the museum. 

Picking up the backpack is rather painless. You fill out a few details and leave a form of identification behind to guarantee you will bring it back. Inside you will find 4 dice and a pack full of discs that make animal sounds. The object of the backpack is to go around the section of the museum (Asia section) and find the animals. 

On the outside of the pack is a map of the museum with labels where each of the animals are. Once you have found the animal, you use the dice to make the picture of the animal and then use the sound disc to hear the sound the animal makes. 

Nate enjoyed going around finding each of the animals and we spent over an hour wandering around either looking for the animals, or looking at them, talking about the sounds they make or making the puzzle. In the future if we were to use the backpack again we would also take some paper and pencils, so he could draw his favourite (or all of the animals) as another talking point. 

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