Sunday, 12 January 2014

Running Week 2 Run1

What a lovely way to start Sunday, everyone up early and off to the Nature Reserve. Nate on his bike with Daddy and I was off ahead running/walking. Today saw the run time going from 60 seconds to 90 seconds. I'll admit I was worried I wouldn't stay the full 6 repetitions but I did.

Just after half way around my course I thought I wouldn't make it as I was focusing on the next landmark as soon as I stopped focusing (and therefore slowed down ever so slightly) the runs felt so much more manageable. The Nature Reserve is under even more water now then it was earlier in the week, the path along the rive we normally walk on is under roughly 4 inches of water.

Nate's Dad and I didn't plan our walk so when I bumped into Nate at roughly the half-way point in my run he wanted to talk to me and tried to follow me on his bike. Next time, we should plan it better and hopefully next time the pathes won't be so flooded so we can take very different routes so we only bump into each other at the end of my run.

I'm happy to report no Lead Legs today, and there were no aches after run 3 from week 1 either. It's still early days but I'm enjoying going out and running. I hoping for no snow this winter though, not sure I will want to run in the snow.

Distance - 1.5 miles
Pace - 12.44 min/mile

Playlist - same as last week, it needs to be updated.

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