Friday, 3 January 2014

Homemade gifts

Early in December I posted a teaser post about what I could be making with these ingredients. 

For Nate and his cousins, I made peppermint creams or my version of them. Using the ready made icing and food colourings I made Dr Who shaped flavoured icing. I know Dr Who isn't very Christmassy but the children receiving the presents were all Dr Who fans especially Nate who can identify all of the characters on the mould.

Each of the colours were a different flavour, red was strawberry, green for peppermint, yellow for orange and blue for chocolate. Nate's favourite were the red ones, they were a great little gift for his stocking. 

The next homemade gift were biscuits, I made quite a few of these biscuits as I made some for Nate to ice for his nursery workers and these for the mini stockings as well. 

I used the basic dough I posted here.

Then I iced them, I'm not the best at decorating but I think I did a good job. I used the Baker's Toolkit for colouring the icing, which I can't rave enough about. The colours were vivid and I mixed a few to get different colours (orange for the snowman's nose). There were enough colours to keep Nate entertained. 

Disclaimer - I purchased everything I used in this post. 

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