Thursday, 15 March 2012

gTea in Brighton

One of my first purchases for Nathaniel was the new baby bundle of gDiapers (gNappies Facebook UK, gDiapers Facebook US) as I then knew them. I found them on an American forum and though how pretty they looked, plus they used a mixture of disposable inserts and reusable which I thought was a pretty good idea, as there are times when cloth could be too much of a juggling act. In the new baby bundle there are 12 tiny gPants, 6 small gPants and 80 disposable inserts. If I'm honest we didn't get much use out of the tiny's as he was such a long baby and people encouraged me to use disposables at first. I'd probably pack them in the hospital bag if we were to have another. Although they were really useful for popping over disposables to stop them leaking.

On to the point of this post. Yesterday Kim Graham Nye the co-founder of gDiapers was over here in Brighton, so we thought we'd pop along and have some tea and talk about gNappies as they are called over here. It was great fun to talk to Kim, who was happy to show other mums who haven't used g's before the beauty of them and talk them through the breathability of the pouch where one mum even attempted to breathe through the pouch, successfully I might add and a demo of the Sushi roll as a way of using g's overnight. There were samples of the gCloth, which I've never seen as I shied away from buying as I'd read bad reviews of it although seeing it in the flesh has made me regret this as Nathaniel seemed to love cuddling it.

It was great to see the UK team of gNappies and Kim, we hope there are many more gTea's over here.

Nathaniel in his Game Day gPant back in November.