Sunday, 16 November 2014

Maker faire Elephant and Castle

In November there was a make faire at UAL, a maker faire is predominately a geeky fair with lots of electronics about. I have a bit of an interest in the computing specifically ways of controlling computers. 

However, yesterday we went for Nate's enjoyment. The first thing we came across was Bare Conductive. They use conductive paint to make circuits on cards and more recently have created a board that you can programme to do a whole host of things. One of the projects they had on show was a guitar.

The next was Primo, who make the cubetto robot. I was hoping to see this is action and was not disappointed. Nate happily played with it and wanted to solve the problems that were thrown at him. They use arrows to show which way the cube will travel in, meaning that it is suitable for young children. However, I'd suggest playing on the floor so when they get the arrows the wrong way around, the robot won't fall off the surface. 

The last thing that had Nate playing until he was forced to stop was Electro Dough. Electro dough uses home made play doh to create electric circuits. We really enjoyed putting as many leds in the dough as the battery could light. It was surprising how I only had to explain to once to Nate that the LED's legs had to be in two different balls to create a circuit. 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Lush favourites

I have always been a Lush fan and now it seems Nate is a fan. Nate has his own special way of choosing which bath bomb he wants. He gives each bath bomb a sniff and the one he wants he kisses. 

As part of our Christmas tradition, Nate is given a bath product (normally a bath bomb) in his Christmas Eve present. 

This year he caught a sneaky peek at the bath bombs and asked nicely if he could have the Santa one. 

It looks good enough to eat. 

With the spring range just out I can't wait to see which one he choses as his favourite.