Thursday, 14 November 2013

Christmas Traditions

Well it's November so I don't feel that guilty about writing this post. We have a tradition for Christmas Eve. Nate gets pyjamas and a bath goody normally from Lush. He has a Christmas bath and changes into his Christmas Pyjamas after supper on Christmas Eve.

Last years Pyjamas

This year we have decided on these Christmas Pyjamas and I think we have settled on Gold Fun for his Christmas bath. As Nate is a little older this year I have been tempted to get a DVD for us all to cuddle up and watch before he goes to bed as well.

Happy with last years bath product
Last years pyjamas and bath product, were from Gap and Lush. Lush are stocking the Melting Snowman again this year.

I love hearing about others Christmas Traditions.

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