Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Free Birds Movie

Last weekend we attended a screening of Free Birds. The film is about Thanksgiving and how one turkey who's very different from the rest decides (with the help of a friend) to get turkey off the Thanksgiving meal. There were lots of bits that made Nate jump and he was a little scared of parts of the film (not that they were traditionally scary).

We saw Free Birds in 3D but I can't really remember much of the 3D, not sure if that means the 3D element was subtle but good or non-existent. Nate as normal watched all but the first few minutes without the 3D glasses.

After the film there was a meal laid out of the new Thanksgiving foods that the turkey's introduced, I have to admit it took me a little while to work this out. There were also a few great activities to do with the children, there were make your own chick, making a turkey, having your picture taken and an entertainer. The entertainer was great she was dressed up as a farmer and had the children spinning plates and other great things, Nate was most interested when she started to make ballon objects (dogs, swords, butterflies etc). He waited patiently right in front of the lady and when she asked who's next he put his little hand up but was one of the last to get a ballon sword. It was great to see him waiting so patiently and involved while being one of the smallest in the room.

"I'm not doing it don't try and make me"

I'd recommend going to see Free Birds, there are lots of mentions of Thanksgiving and the traditions surrounding Thanksgiving at the beginning but it doesn't spoil the film if you know nothing of those traditions. Free Birds is out 29th November, it's great fun.

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