Friday, 15 November 2013

London Eye with a Toddler

We are quite often at the Southbank. Nate's dad is a Doctor Who fan and as it's the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who there have been several events at the BFI which we have been lucky enough to attend a few.  Every time we cross over the bridge Nate likes to look at the boats and we've been promising him we will go on a boat at some point.

On Monday we visited the London Aquarium and on the way in Nate mentioned going on a boat, I happily agreed to this as we had all day to do whatever we wanted. Nate then pointed at the London Eye and said "This one mummy" I had already said yes, I can't back track now can I? Thankfully there is a deal if you visit two attractions in one day so when we paid at the Aquarium we also paid for the Eye.

Nate happily got on one of the pods, then he started to realise it was moving. He got a little unsure when he realised it was getting higher. However, we started talking about all of the things we could see and he started to relax until I mentioned the train (he normally loves trains) and he got a little upset. Soon we got to nearing the top of the wheel and he got excited about us reaching the top and then really enjoyed the rest of the trip on the Eye.

The London Eye experience was a great experience for Nate and we really enjoyed talking about all the things we could see and Nate wanted to stomp on the boats below us. If we were to go again we would go either first thing or after we'd had lunch and a Nate a nap, as he was a little teary in part due to being tired.


  1. That is an amazing two for one deal! I would love to take the kids on the Eye but we're not in London very often these days.

  2. It wasn't quite two for one but it was cheaper than doing them separately. If you get the time you should definitely go, try to go for a nicer day we could hardly see beyond or the House of Commons.