Monday, 4 November 2013

Time loop

On Friday evening I saw an event for children at Tate Britain being advertised. We haven't taken Nate to either of the Tate's previously, we decided it would be a good idea to go.

As we walked in we were handed a pair of glasses (cardboard) and a time loop booklet. The glasses were for viewing the artwork through time, perfect for imaginative children/adults. There were a few activities for the children to get involved in. My favourite was the children drawing while musicians played, the children were encouraged to draw what they thought the music represented and then draw something for the musicians to interpret into music. It was great watching the musicians looking at these drawings and playing.

Nate looking for something orange

There were tours going on as well. We followed one until Nate got bored and it was remarkably well done to engage the children. If you wanted lots of information regarding the paintings you were following the wrong tour but he encouraged the children to look at the paintings and have a laugh before quickly moving on to the next one often walk very quickly (& with a silly walk) to another part of the gallery.  

While at the Tate Britain, Nate discovered some sculptures he really liked. They were by The Chapman Brothers and were in a mock African tribal style. I originally thought Nate wouldn't like them as they were in a dark room so quickly walked on through the room and then realised Nate and his dad hadn't followed me so went back and Nate was pointing to the sculptures he wanted to see. There was one sculpture with Ronald McDonalds on that I had noticed originally and thought was strange but dismissed it when Nate asked who it was he thought we said Old McDonald so went around singing "EIEIO"

Nate's favourite room

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