Thursday, 7 November 2013

Mumsnet Bedtime Stories

We were recently sent the Mumsnet Bedtime stories book which contains 10 stories written by Mumsnetters.

Nate hasn't had all of the stories read to him yet but mainly that is because he keeps choosing the same two to be read to him.

The Dancing Bear is one of the stories that Nate keeps choosing. We (the adults) liked the beginning of the story which is written beautifully however the story comes to a rather abrupt end. The story is poetically more than narratively pleasing.

We all liked the underlying moral of not to judge by appearances in Allie to the Rescue, especially pleasing considering Nate's mixed race background.

The stories were more for a slightly older age group than Nate, but this didn't effect his enjoyment of the stories, and think he'll enjoy some of the other stories when he's older himself.

All in all there is the feeling of the old stories I used to have read to me before going to bed as a child, and that same soothing atmosphere within the Book of Bedtime Stories should appeal to both mums, dads and their children.

We were sent the book in exchange of a review.

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