Monday, 18 November 2013

Tiddler Review

Last week Julia Donaldson visited our local bookshop. We have many of her books, What the Ladybird Heard being Nate's favourite at the moment (or was his favourite). Nate had the option of any of her books to buy and get signed, he chose Tiddler.

He loves the sea, and fish so we happily bought him Tiddler. It's a lovely sing song book, with the repetition that Julia Donaldson does so well. There is a surprise guest from a previous Julia Donaldson book (The Gruffalo) which to me illustrates the fun in this book.

Just today alone we have read the book three times, Nate loves it. He loves the refrain and really enjoys giving Tiddlers reasons for being late. And as a sign of his growing, for the first time Nathaniel is joining in with the story. Aided by its repetition, he'll say "Tiddler? Tiddler? Tiddler's late!"

So as with her other books, Tiddler comes highly recommended by Nate. and his Dad and Mum, who have all enjoyed reading it.

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