Wednesday, 13 November 2013

London Aquarium & Octonauts

The Octonauts have been at the London Aquarium (sea life) for the last week, so we decided to take a visit there while we were in London. The last time I went to the Aquarium was when I was pregnant with Nate so it's changed a bit. They have penguins now which Nate loved. We arrived at the penguin tank at feeding time, but the penguins weren't that interested in feeding. We were told the penguins liked playing and would play with visitors if they waved a piece of paper about in front of the tank, Nate had a go and loved 'playing' with the penguin but then decided the penguin wasn't allowed to steal his paper so tried to tell this to the penguin.

Sorry for the blurry picture but two moving things are hard to catch.

At set times Peso & Captain Barnacles were appearing in the activity centre and you were able to have pictures with them. Also in the activity centre there were a few Octonaut toys to play with, two huge floor puzzles and colouring in pages. Nate happily spent an hour playing in the activity centre and waiting for Peso to arrive.
Working on the second puzzle

Meeting Peso
Nate is quite a big fan of the Octonauts which was why we visited when we did but I was very surprised but happy when he correctly identified the Lion-fish which was thanks to the Octonauts. In fact he got lots of enjoyment from going to the Aquarium because of the Octonauts episodes he had watched. He knew exactly what he wanted to see, the turtles (because of a previous sea life visit), Sea horse, jellyfish, Octopus (we didn't see one) & a Shark. However, he wanted to look at all of the fish there and wanted to know what they were/their names.

The little Octonauts signs with facts and questions on kept Nate entertained but in places confused us slightly in one instance the Octopus sign was someone where I couldn't see/find an octopus. He'd go up to each sign and ask for me to read it and knew the fish on the sign (not sure if that's a good thing, may be a sign of too much TV watching).

All in all a good day out, the Octonauts are at London Aquarium until 16th November if you are around London and have a Octonauts fan.

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