Thursday, 23 October 2014

Advent Calendar biscuits

Last year I made Nate an Advent calendar and I've been thinking about what to put in this years one. The stickers and a chocolate went down well last year.

While looking around for ideas, I came across the Mason Cash, advent biscuit cutter and moulds in Lakeland. I decided to buy it and so we spent this weekend making the biscuits to test it out. 

Everything you need except ingredients is in the box. There are five different recipes within the box, with a Christmas theme. 

At first I rolled the dough out a little too thick and so wasn't going to have enough dough for 24 biscuits. 

The biscuit cutter is perfect for little hands with its handle, none of the dough got stuck in the cutter which is sometimes a worry with the enclosed cutters.

Making the chocolate. 

The finished biscuits were lovely, we made the cinnamon shortbread biscuits and were nearly all eaten as soon as the chocolate had set on top of them. 

Tomy boon Glo

Recently Nate has started to be a afraid of the dark and with my love of all things gadgets I've been looking for a nightlight.

I found the glo, which looks lovely on a bed side table, or even on the floor next to a cot bed. Where this nightlight is different from others is it has three removable balls. The stems in which these balls sit change colour or can be a static colour. 


The balls that sit in the stem glow in the dark for about half an hour after they are removed, this was something that wasn't very clear when I was looking at the website. It said they don't get hot and there are no electrics in the balls but not that they were glow in the dark. The idea of removable balls I think is great as it allowed Nate to take one into bed with him and to hold unto until he fell asleep. However, there is the potential of them to get lost, I haven't found out if you can buy them separately but it would be a good idea if you could.  

Some of the colours it cycles through are brighter than others but for Nate the colours are bright enough. There is also the option of setting it to a static colour so if you would just like the bright white light or the red light then you can. 

This is of the balls glowing in a completely dark room. So when the night light goes off and it's just the balls glowing there is still a bit of light being produced. 

Nate really loves this nightlight and he especially loves the balls being removeable as it means he can hold on to the glowing ball and explore under the covers or under the bed, while he searches for aliens.