Saturday, 10 August 2013

App review- Endless Alphabet

Their is one app that Nate loves and he constantly asks for it. It's called Endless Alphabet, or as Nate calls it: letters (it used to be numbers).

The app is designed for slightly older children than Nate (who's just turned two) it displays a word, says it out loud and then the letters scatter around leaving the letter outline there. When you touch the letter it makes it's phonetic sound and when placed in the right place it says the letter. Once you place all the letters in the right place it says the word again and what it means along with a little sketch.

The menu

Letters getting knocked out of place

It's got an American slant so some of the words are spelt in the American way (ie odor). However, Nate loves this app and he has learnt the phonetical sounds of most of the letters. He sat on the train identifying the letters we were making with play dough quicker than we could make them.

Matching the letters

The little sketch giving the definition

The app is £2.99 on the App Store and has had about 6 words added to it since Nate started using it in June. 


  1. Hi, just checking out the other new mummy bloggers like me and as a coincidence I also have a toddler called Nate (Nathaniel). He is 20 months old.
    Just thought I would say hi.

    1. Hello Kat and Nate. Isn't a slightly uncommon name isn't it, although loads of people I meet want to call their child Nathaniel.
      Lou and Nate.

  2. this looks great, love the look of the illustrations! thanks for linking up!