Monday, 5 August 2013

Sea Life Brighton

We were at a lose end over the weekend and we have previously visited Sea Life while visiting a friend in Bonn back in December we thought it'd be a good time to visit another Sea Life. I've been looking at the Sea Life in Brighton for some time due to the glass bottom boat and they've recently added the octopus garden.

We visited just as the Pride parade we passing, so it was pretty deserted inside no queue to get in either. We booked in for the glass bottom boat and started to wander round, with our dive books. (a book designed for children to collect the stamps around the various tanks) 

Nate loved looking at the fish, he got very excited. The only thing he didn't really like was when the rays show their underside to the tank glass. It looks a bit like an odd face and he got a bit scared of that. 

It was soon time to go on our boat ride, so we went to where the glass bottom boat lives and the first thing I saw was this:

You probably can't tell from the picture but this turtle is pretty big, it is probably about a metre and a half in length. We got on the glass bottom boat and it was only us, it meant Nate got to wander around and see everything that was pointed out to us.

Nate on top of the turtle

There is one thing Nate keeps talking about from this trip and it is the Jellyfish and them changing colour. He was absolutely taken with it. 

Blue Jellyfish

Red Jellyfish

We must have arrived at the Octopus garden at nap time because all of the Octopuses were asleep/hiding. That means we will have to visit again soon. We spent two hours here and Nate could happily have spent a lot longer. 


  1. Oooh I didn't know there was a Sealife in Brighton - we love the Acquarium in London - all so fascinating

    1. It's by the Brighton Pier. We went specifically for the glass bottom boat which was worth it although I think we'll take him to the London Aquarium later on in the year.