Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Making a set of Boots and Bar.

The other day the lovely Bex posted on Twitter how she was looking for some Boots and Bar for a teddy in an effort to make getting her son to wear his Boots more fun. Now I love a good challenge so I offered to make a set.

Here is how I made mine. First I went to look for a pattern for baby shoes, thinking that would be the best route. That didn't work, mainly because it looked nothing like the boots but also teddies have different shaped feet. All teddies are different in the foot department. 

Some of the teddies we have here

So I thought I make one for the middle sized 'normal' teddy foot. If you want to make one yourself draw around the teddies foot and then cut around half a cm away from your drawn line. This is your pattern. 

Pinned boots checking out the sizing
Then based on your teddy you will need to make the back of your boots for my teddy I cut out a rectangle 3cm high by roughly 5cm and sewed this to the back of the foot shape. Then have 1cm in width straps. I pinned them first to work out how much I would need for them to fit my bear. 

Finished Boot

On the top strap I used a buckle to allow the boots to be put on and off with ease and to make it slightly more realistic. I found these in my local haberdashery. 

For the bar, I attached two poppers for the boots to attach to the bar. 

How the Boots attach to the Bar
The bar size I based on my teddies leg length as if it is too long they won't stay on. I used felt to make these Boots and Bar as it is a very versatile fabric although it doesn't get on well with velcro which is why I have used poppers and a buckle. 

Finished Boots and Bar

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