Monday, 2 September 2013

Butterfly exhibit

While we were in London we decided to take Nate to the Natural History Museum. When we arrived we saw there was a Butterfly exhibit, Nate saw the butterfly poster and immediately said "look butterfly".

Into the Butterfly exhibit we went for £4.50 (including a donation to the Museum) for us adults and Nate went free. It was hot inside the exhibit but there was lots to do for a slightly older child. Nate loved looking at the butterflies so long as they didn't fly too close to him, in which case he turned his head into whoever was carrying him.

On a table there was fruit laid out for the butterflies to eat which had various butterflies on. This was Nate's favourite part as there was a "butterfly with a monster eye" which he is still talking about.

Can you see the monster eye?

Within the exhibit there was lots of information regarding the three stages of the butterflies life cycle and examples of each as well to be spotted (especially the caterpillars).

We spent about 30 minutes in the exhibit and probably could have spent longer in there, although it is better suited for slightly older children as they had questions for children to answer and stamps to collect.

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