Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Children's range at Uniqlo

This weekend Uniqlo launched theirchildren's  range in White city Stratford. We went along to have a look and ask a few questions. The range for older children is rather nice I always associate Uniqlo with their Heat Tech range so was very happy that they have included it in their children's range.

However, the babies range disappointed me, I don't particularly like overly patterned clothes for babies and the trousers were either leggings or overly fussy with pockets for a young baby. Then comes the next issue I had, there was a lovely furry hoody which I thought would be perfect for Nate at nursery but they didn't have any in his size. In fact there was very little in size 2-3. Most of the clothing range started at 3-4 even though they had XS listed as 2-3. 

When Nate is a little bigger I'll be there buying one of their down jackets (even if I would prefer a completely down jacket instead of poly/down as they stand) and he already has a few Heat Tech t-shirts to get him through winter. 

Nate enjoying having his picture taken

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