Friday, 13 September 2013

Travelling by Train Age 2

Our strategies for travelling by train with Nate have changed over time. We travel by train often mainly it's a short 15 minute trip other times when we are visiting my family it's 2 hours on overground trains and underground.

A very content Nate

Recently I found play dough for £1 in Tiger. This is our favourite toy for train journeys as I'm not fussed it we mix it, loose it or make an amazing sculpture. It's £1 and has lasted us a month of train journeys money well spent. 

Me making a rose with the play dough

Comics, comics and more comics. We had several for our flight to Barbados. It's a brilliant way to pass time, choose an activity to do and stick to it. We read the stories first and then if Nate asks we put the stickers on. The reading of stories and stickers can easily last over half of our 2 hour journey. At present his favourite comics are Octonauts also his favourite TV show and In The Night Garden which is slightly odd as he very rarely watches the show but wants the comic. 

Books, if its been a particular train heavy month we sometimes exhaust our comic collection from that month. I tend to have a book with me however, Nate has his favourites at the minute it's How The Grinch Stole Christmas. 

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