Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Lucky 2001-2013

Yesterday we said goodbye to our dog. She hadn't been right for a couple of days and then her stomach bloated out and she felt very hot. Off to the vet we went, he said she was in pain but didn't know the cause so kept her in.

Overnight they loaded her with painkillers and antibiotics before taking her to X-ray and also giving her an ultrasound. She had a diaphragmatic hernia and had a lot of fluid around her lungs. I was given three choices: 
1) surgery
2)load her with more pain relief and pray
3) put her to sleep

As I was out at the time the vet called I phoned back to speak in depth with him. The type if hernia she had was common in animals who had been in a car accident but also can occur if they have a growth. She's just recently had a growth removed from her back. I was warned against surgery due to her age and the second option was more than likely delaying the inevitable. 

How do you explain to a just two year old the dog who has always been there is going? We took Nate to say goodbye. Lucky is going on holiday to become a star in the sky. Then my dad and Nanny stayed with Lucky while I took Nate outside to see the birds. Nate took Lucky's collar and put it around his arm. Then all of a sudden said "I don't want to see the birds I want Lucky!" "I want to see Lucky on holiday". On the way home he wanted to sit on my lap and then when we arrived he told me he didn't want to go in. 

I'm sure tomorrow he won't ask again but tonight he has been insistent that he wants to see her. Why wouldn't he? She was there when he came home from hospital, she was his target when he started moving, Lucky has always been here to him. 

We all miss you Lucky.

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