Tuesday, 10 September 2013

BT Student Deal

I'm due back to University at the end of this month and as always with this time of year when you know you're going back to university I've started to look for student deals. I recently came across the BT Student Deal.

The BT Student Deal consists of:

  • Nine month subscription - perfect if you are planning on returning home for the summer. 
  • Two different subscriptions - Infinity (38MB £20 a month) or Broadband (16MB £16 a month)
  • Unlimited connection - how many papers have you downloaded for your dissertation? Or even that Netflix subscription.
  • BT SmartTalk App- This app allows you to call 0845, 0870, 0800 numbers for free from your mobile, if you're anything like me and most of the people I know you'll be thankful for this on the 100th call to student finance.
  • Unlimited access to BT WiFi - When we were staying in a hotel instead of paying extra for their WiFi we connected onto the BT hotspot. There are plenty of hotspots in and around London.

Check out BT's website for more information. I've chosen my favourite parts of the deal but this list does not contain all of the information

I was lucky enough to be chosen to be a BT Ambassador. They are providing a BT subscription for me to review.

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