Friday, 20 September 2013

London travels with a toddler

Last week London Graphic Centre held a Moleskine event called Analog cloud, in which you choose items that mean something to you and then choose your favourite Moleskine items and this compiled your profile. When we arrived Nate happily spoke about the Moleskine event from last year in which we created a story out of stamps.

I'm a Wandering Seeker:

Nate is a Sketching Dandy:

This was great fun, choosing the items and seeing what your profile came out as. Nate loved being given his bookmark and was very decisive in what items he wanted. He happily came home and told daddy he was a Sketching Dandy.

While we were in London we decided to visit a few other shops and we had a snack and drink at the Roast + Conch, which is Hotel Chocolat's Cafe in Covent Garden. I had their Cocoa Infusion which I'd describe as a mixture of tea and hot chocolate. It's not as creamy as hot chocolate but I had it without milk and some chocolate spread on toast. 
Cocoa Infusion
Nate is loving chocolate milk at the minute so had soya hot chocolate. It wasn't the best place to take Nate with him being dairy free but they were accommodating and we will go back to try the food another time and get another Cocoa Infusion for me.

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