Thursday, 26 September 2013

Fast Internet?

As a somewhat techie person I have always tried to ensure we have a fast connection to the internet. We had big issues with a previous provider where all of a sudden the connection was dropping out every hour and they couldn't find out why.

We gave them several opportunities to sort the issue out but instead of dealing with it they blamed us for the issues at every opportunity. Firstly they were reluctant to send out an engineer, when they did they reported the engineer had said the fault was at our end. The engineer had said no such thing and actually went to the exchange found a fault at the exchange and asked them for permission to fix it and they told him no. When we told them we knew that the engineer had found no fault our end they said they needed to commission the fix and that will take some time. The engineer was happy to fix the issue there and then. 

That fix finally took place and we were still having issues; the drop outs stopped for a week and then came back with a vengeance and this is the straw that broke the camels' back. They blamed the drop outs on the fact we used Mac's (the drop outs were noted on the routers logs so not an issue with the software on our computers) so I offered to try one of the other computers on the network. Windows pc same issue, PS3 same issue, Linux partition same issue seeing a pattern? They said ahh you have a complex network that's what the issue is. No, we don't, we have two computers we use regularly but there is a redundant PC sitting in a corner that could be turned on that served two purposes for the test as it runs Windows and Ubuntu. 

This leads me to BT Infinity we ran from our previous provider to BT and also got Infinity. I really cannot complain we get a perfect connection and have had no drop outs (touch wood). Having just done a speed test we are getting 60mbps download speeds and 10mbps upload speeds, I'm always happy with these upload speeds after working at sites that have 0.7 mbps upload speeds but really good download speeds. We have an old style box (they recently brought out new routers) and love the fact it has a the admin and wifi password on a tab that is put inside the router. 

BT on the go, recently we were staying at a hotel and we could have paid £7 for a day for internet or log on to the BT hotspot. We chose the BT hotspot. Nate's dad has an app on his Android phone to log him in to BT hotspots and I'm always amazed at the places where there are hotspots. Most of our family use BT for internet and wouldn't change because we have always received good customer service when we have needed to talk to them (not that often).

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