Thursday, 5 September 2013

London's Southbank

Over the weekend we decided to wander around the Southbank being Nate's dads  favourite places in London. Over the weekend there is the lovely food market. Which has Churros for the dairy free option we have them without the chocolate sauce.

Nate woke up just as we walked past Beano Town which has been open since May and will close at the end of this week. There wasn't much to do for children as young as Nate however, he liked just climbing through the huge letters. 

I have no idea how he got through there

Outside of Beano Town there are two kennels. 

Gnasher time

For us Beano Town was the perfect place for Nate to run about and burn off some energy. Ready for us to continue walking along the Southbank. 

There was a stall that showed children and adults how to make pizzas and allowed them to get hands on and make their own pizza

Nate was a little small and barely could see above the table but he loved it. The lovely Vincent was amazing with the children, we watched as he spoke to the older children who came just after Nate and he was incredibly patient and humorous in how he explained why you do certain things.

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of his lovely pizza as it got a little burnt in the wood fired oven. I think we will be making pizzas at home after seeing how much he enjoyed choosing his toppings. 

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