Friday, 23 August 2013

Just So Festival

This time last week, we were getting ready for the drive up to the Just So Festival  and looking at the rain hoping that it didn't last and that it wasn't happening up in Cheshire.

We arrived late in the day (7pm) after rushing off to buy a new tent and some food for the journey. Quickly found a pitch for our tents and then got ourselves into the festival. I have a couple of Time Lapse videos on YouTube from the festival. Entering the festival. I loved the umbrellas leading the way to the festival.

Things I loved:
It was for children, there were things for Nate to do which is why we went.
There was a nappy changing tent and a breastfeeding tent. I loved this things although the changing tent wasn't as sheltered as it could be and the breastfeeding tent the sides blew in the wind. Little niggles there.
There was so much to do - we didn't see everything which is a shame but at the same time shows how much there was to do for little people
Eat Your Words- this was one of the activities that took place, a table was laid out and on the table there was edible rice paper and edible pens. You used to pen to write something and then ate the paper.

Our version of Eat Your Words

Nate enjoyed Clay babies where he was playing with clay and there was even the chance to have a go with the pottery wheel. As it was a little cold we didn't let Nate get too messy as we didn't want to have to strip him off. 

Clay Babies

In the Spellbound forest there was clay animal building 

Building a fairy house
Painting early in the morning

Huge building blocks

Things we didn't love so much
The changing tent being open to the elements
Toilets (festival toilets are always going to be a bit off)
The slope where we pitched our tent (Our fault, don't try to camp on a slope you end up sliding down the tent)

We have pencilled in the Just So Festival into next years diary.

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