Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Huggies Little Swimmers

On Tuesday, Nate and myself made our way to Wimbledon for an event held by Huggies Little Swimmers, from North West London on no less than three trains. Nate loved all of the changes although he was a little disappointed that the last train wasn't a "blue one".

We got to the venue which was a beautiful house with lovely grounds and of course a swimming pool. I was handed a name badge and a coffee. Nate who is always a little shy to begin with started to warm up and talk to people. 

Soon Nate realised there was a back garden and somehow managed to encourage Izzy (photographer) to go on an adventure outside and look at the ponds. Thank you, Izzy! He came back and I had to go on the same exploration and than he encouraged Little Pip and her mum to do the same. 

It soon came time to get into the pool. 

We tried out the Hygiene Mat which I wish we'd had when Nate first started swimming, and as long time users of Huggies Little Swimmers, Nate knew the drill for getting into his Little Swimmers. We started taking Nate to swimming lessons from 9 weeks old as its an important skill that lasts a lifetime, and we are glad we did as he is so confident around water.

We all got into the pool and had great fun taking part in a session suitable for 14week olds all the way up to nearly 3 year olds by Swimming Nature. Little Pip and Nate then got the opportunity to wear the lovely flowery swim hat that appears in the Little Swimmers advert. 

After swimming we were treated to a lovely lunch and a massage for the adults. 

As we left Nate noticed my name badge and asked what it said. I read "Lou & Nate" and he replied "that's half of Louise, mummy, Lou is half of Louise"

Thank you to everyone from Tuesday we had a great time and I loved the geeky chat about nappy chassis'.

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