Saturday, 26 July 2014

Days Out - Gorilla Perfume

I am a bit of a fan of Lush (understatement alert) so when they launched Gorilla Perfumes in 2010 without knowing what they were launching I signed up to go along. That first launch of perfumes was amazing, each room being dedicated to a perfume and the rooms were set up in such a way as to complement the perfume or tell a story.

The last week Gorilla Perfume has launched another set of Perfumes this is their 3rd Volume and the gallery was called Gorilla Perfume presents : Death, Decay & Renewal. I visited twice, once with Nate and another time without. Both times were enjoyable, although this time I didn't feel as immersed in most of the scents, there were props for all but the first time I missed a couple of perfumes without searching for them. To keep Nate entertained there was a comic with each page telling a story about each of the perfumes, this was used for us at least as a way of smelling each of the perfumes as you sprayed the page that related to the perfume. 

On the day I went with Nate the three sisters (3 of the perfumes) were missing but on the second visit they were there. I'm glad I went back as Sarie was by far my favourite perfume.


Three of the perfumes were not for sale (not including the 3 sisters), these were Mycellium, Cyanide and Dead Meadow. Cyanide was another favourite for me, it smelt of marzipan to begin with and then settled down to a slight almondy smell with a floral undertone. 

Dear John and Dad's Garden Honey and Camomile

Kerbside Violet

Dead Meadow

The Three Sisters

The exhibition was a lovely way to spend an hour or so and the shop contained a few of the original perfumes which had been repackaged. The layout really worked although it wasn't as good as the original or the second exhibition it didn't stop me or Nate from enjoying our time.

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