Monday, 7 July 2014

Samsung Showcase

A few weeks ago, we attended a showcase of Samsung’s new fridge. This was a lovely event which was held at the Violin Factory with lovely food.
Looking at the fridge, which is an American style side by side fridge perfect for a family. The fridge has a showcase door which enables you to just have access to the things stored in the door of a fridge, which keeps the fridge nice and cool. It was great to hear how the fridge had been designed to contain multiple different milks etc… as a family who for a little while were all drinking different milks (cows milk, oat milk and coconut milk) it was a struggle to find them all space in our fridge. 

There is also a drawer designed in the showcase door for children to have easy access so you can encourage them to have healthy snacks.

To round off this fridge there is a freezer with Ice maker and water dispenser. Having measured our fridge at home this is slightly deeper so would only work in a bigger kitchen.

 Looking at the fridge from afar.

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