Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Ella's Kitchen Weeney Restaurant

Today Nate and I were lucky enough to go to Ella's Kitchen's weeney restaurant. Nate was one of the oldest children there but it didn't stop him enjoying himself. This was a little adventure for us as we had to travel up on to London on the train and I managed to lose a memory card (found now) on the journey. 

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the restaurant were the decorations, sorry rubbish phone pics coming up as I didn't have my camera at this point. There were lovely child friendly decorations with lovely low fence to keep the babies in the play area, it didn't keep Nate in as he easily climbed over it. In the play area there was music playing, the music was about veg and fruit and then soft food toys, shakers, a tunnel and the best bit for me were the plants. There were plants for sniffing so lovely smelly herbs like sage, rosemary and citrus fruits like lemons. 

Here is Nate empty all of the fruit and veg from their baskets
Nate having a look at the smelly section, he took a particular interest in the lemon and lime.

The choppy fruit and veg which could happily have kept Nate entertained for hours

Nate was also introduced to a whole aubergine, we often cook with lots of different vegetables but I have never thought about showing Nate the whole vegetable or letting him explore it before it was cooked. Nate has not stopped talking about aubergines since leaving, I'll have to get him to help me cook next time we are making something with aubergines

After we'd spent a little time in the play area we were encouraged to move to the restaurant area. On the tables there were numbered red boxes, under the lid there were tablets for the babies/toddlers to order their own dinner. I really loved this idea.

You had to choose the age that was most appropriate for your child.

 Then pick your main course by choosing  a picture that appealed to you. After you had picked your main course you chose your dessert by the same process. The pictures were really engaging and illustrated exactly what they were going to receive. I would quite like an adult experience at this restaurant. 

There were also nibbles from the new snack range which went down a treat with Nate, his favourite were the tomato and fennel seed crackers and he quite enjoyed the apple and cinnamon nibbles.

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