Monday, 6 January 2014

Running Week1 Day 1

No new years resolutions here, instead I decided to take up running again. After 3 years of not doing much to stay fit, I just don't feel like me. I've always played sports, from football at school, to rugby at university with a little fencing thrown in to mix it up. I've been doing a few things at home for core strength: push ups, crunches and planks mainly.

After Nate was packed off to nursery, I loaded up my phone with some more music started up the running up I had downloaded in anticipation of this run and was about to go out the door when the heavens opened. So I sat back down and waited it out, it gave me time to double check my music choice. The rain soon stopped and off I set, taking a water bottle and my keys with me.

I have decided to follow the couch to 5k programme, I haven't run in years other than the short distances a 2 year old can cover in the park. The five minute warm up was enjoyable, I like walking, then came the 60 second run. I have a big problem with running too fast, the thing with distance running is pacing yourself, something I find very difficult to do. The first 60 seconds were 'easy', the 90 second 'rest' period saw the rain start again, although it was light enough rain to not hinder the run/walk. However, at the start of the second 60 second run I knew I couldn't keep this pace up so slowed down enough to be able to just about sing along to the music for a few seconds. You should be able to hold conversion during the 60 second run so I thought it was a good way to test without talking to myself. After the first couple of pace changes it became easier to find a pace that I was able to hole for the full 60 seconds.

Just as my five minute cool down had finished and I was walking past a coffee shop it started to pour down and it was at that moment I remembered I'd forgotten to put any money in my pocket before leaving so decided to continue walking through the rain. Big mistake, I got absolutely drenched to the point my shoes let in so much rain there were puddles inside of them.

Distance 1.4 miles
Pace 13.18 min/miles

Running playlist
After Ever After - Jon Cozart
The A Team - Nico Collins cover
Just Give me a Reason - Nico Collins cover
When I was Your Man - Nico Collins cover
When I was a Youngster - Rizzle Kicks
Marry You - Bruno Mars
Let it Go - Frozen Soundtrack
Do You Want to Build a Snowman - Frozen Soundtrack

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