Monday, 13 January 2014

Owlet Baby Monitors

Last year we attended the Baby Show at Olympia. Normally the Baby show is held in Earl's Court in October, which is a much better venue for getting to on public transport.

Aside for the usual favourites to see at the Baby Show: Mothercare and gNappies. I also saw a new monitor that is yet to hit the shelves. Owlet, it's a monitor with a difference. It sits in a sock on your baby so you can monitor your babies heart rate, skin temperature and oxygen levels along with sleep quality and sleep position from your phone or smart device.

For me it really stood out as a product, I remember Nate being rather ill and constantly taking his temperature and in the process disturbing his sleep. Or in the case of when he had Croup having information regarding his oxygen levels could have made our decision to go to hospital earlier or even made the decision for us regarding wether to go or not.

At the minute the sock only goes up to 12 months which is unfortunate as when Nate is feeling under the weather I'd love the option to put him to bed with the sock and check on the app instead of disturbing him. Hopefully they will produce a sock big enough for Nate soon.

Owlet's Website 

Disclaimer: I loved this product so much I wanted to write about it, I have not received anything for writing this post.

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