Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The strange things toddlers say

Nate has been talking for what seems like ages, I can't really remember a time when he couldn't speak. However, we've noticed more and more he comes out with really funny/strange statements, I've been making a note of some of his funnier statements. Yesterday he came home from nursery and said to me:

"Mummy bought me a birthday party"

"Mummy buy me a pig and a snake tomorrow"

I have no idea where the party idea came from, unless it is something they have been discussing at nursery. The animals, relates to a local shop that sells mini animals and we sometimes let Nate choose an animal to buy but in true Nate style the first time we bought him one he told us he needed two because "they need to cuddle" much to the amusement of those in the shop. We now buy pairs of animals.

Although the all time funniest statement was:

"The cat ate mummy"

I love hearing what he has to say especially when he comes out with such funny statements.