Monday, 7 October 2013

iChild F&C Saving Superstar

I have recently been sent a huge folder of resources relating to money. The pack I was sent from iChild was for under 5's and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of activities there were to do. All of the resources tie in with the National Curriculum (while it still exists) and in this case the EYFS (Early Years). The resources were produced by iChild in conjunction with F&C Investments.

Lots of activities
Nate enjoyed the first activity in which we looked at the different coins and notes and spoke about their colours and as we had a discoloured pound coin we put the two of them together and asked him if they matched. I think we slightly confused him with that but it was great to watch as you could really see him looking at the two coins and trying to figure it out. Some of the activities were a little hard for Nate to do but then he is rather young but the discussion activities such as talking about the different types of shops he loved as it meant he got to talk about his favourite shop. 

Cut out coins

There are even printable cut out coins so you can talk about and look at the coins without the risk of them going in mouths. 

There are a few activities that involve matching but most of them involve discussion about things such as shops, what you like to buy and where the money goes in shop. There are activities that involve drawing a £5 note, or colouring in a money bank, the activities are well suited to the under 5's although in the case of Nate some of them he will have to grow into. We have really enjoyed the activities that we have attempted and also have adapted some of the activities to suit us, they are a very good base for discussing money with young children.
All of these resources are available free here

I was sent the ready printed resources and provided with a Gold membership for the purposes of this review but all opinions are my own.

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