Thursday, 31 October 2013

Speedo's Underwater World Event

Nate's dad has complained saying he doesn't get mentioned in my blog very often, if at all, so with this post I'll be mentioning him.

We were invited to the Speedo's underwater world event on Tuesday, there was a swimming lesson to begin with and then a free swim. The swimming lesson was very different to the swimming lessons we are used to and contained a few new ideas for us to try while swimming with Nate on our own. However, there were huge floats in the pool so Nate wasn't that interested in swimming he wanted to sit on an Orca. So when it was time for the free swim, I had to find one of the inflatables for him to play with.

Nate meeting the Sea Squad (he was terrified of them really)
In the pool as well as there being inflatables there were also other toys which were being used in the course of the lesson, the Sea Squad squirty toys were being used in Nate's lessons to get the children reaching for the toys as well as the Sea Squad Water Balls which they were encouraging the children to throw and swim for them, we really liked the Water Balls as balls to play with in the pool, so will be getting some of those for Nate's swimming sessions.

Enjoying the inflatables.

It was great to see how the bigger children were being taught in some instances it was 1 on 1 tuition and the children were doing really well with the instructors from what I could see. 

Have a look at Nate's dad's drawing that was inspired by this event. 

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