Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Living with possible allergies

Nate as you might have gathered suffers from an intolerance to Dairy and Soya. At the minute we are waiting for a referral to the paediatric allergy specialist because we have had several instances of him coming out in hives and we have an interesting family background with all things health related. Recently, just over a month ago we had a week long bout of hives. They were coming up within half an hour of eating so after this happening while eating his breakfast we decided to see the GP. Which is why we are now waiting for our referral to come through although she was very honest and said we never know what is/was causing the hives.

Around the time he came down with croup we'd also noticed something strange, we'd been out for supper and had prawns, Nate's first time trying them. As soon as he'd had a bite he complained about his lips feeling funny. We gave him a big gulp of water and swore not to try prawns again for a while. With the hives and the funny lips we had decided to ask about seafood being an issue for Nate.

This leads me to yesterday I made supper, normally Nate doesn't eat with us as he has tea at nursery however, he didn't eat much at nursery yesterday. I made pasta puttanesca and put an anchovy paste, which had come with an order, in the sauce (not thinking) as soon as Nate took a bite he complained about the heat and burning in his mouth. It took a moment for me to fully realise what I'd done. I didn't think anchovies were an issue but I hadn't looked at what the ingredients which contained butter along with other potential allergens. This I had to look up on the internet as in opening the pot (last week the first time I used it) I had to take off the ingredients list.

Why have a container that you have to remove the ingredient list to open it? I can't be the only person who has foods their toddler can't eat in the house?

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