Tuesday, 1 October 2013

First concert

We are unlucky enough to not really have anyone to babysit for us. This means we do everything with Nate if we're doing something together. Nate's dad won tickets to the iTunes festival to see Katy Perry.

So off we trot to the Roundhouse in Camden to see Katy Perry. The security weren't sure about Nate coming in but as we had ear protectors for him we were allowed in. 

Testing out his ear protectors on the way to the concert

Nate loved Icona Pop, one of the support acts, he's been singing "I don't care, I love it I love it" all morning.

Enjoying Icona Pop

However the second support act came on, Iggy Azalea, and he really didn't enjoy it. Nate asked to go outside and then eventually to go home. We didn't get to see Katy Perry. I'm glad Nate's first concert experience was at the Roundhouse and part of the iTunes festival.

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