Wednesday, 2 October 2013

NFL takes over regent street

This weekend we were up in London and happened to be wandering past Regent Street and we saw all the inflatables. Nate saw the huge tiger and wanted to go to it. The whole of Regent Street was taken over by NFL, there were several activities to take part in including: a Bouncy Castle and various American football type trials. There were lots and lots of places to eat as well, the queues were very long for the food.

The best bit of the takeover for Nate was the children's area to have a go at playing Football. As we were walking past the area we were asked if he'd like to take part, Nate said "I need to play football" (at the minute he needs to do everything) so we signed him up and then continued to wander around. At the specified time he was T-shirted up and taken to the field.

This t-shirt looks suspiciously like a dress.

Lining up to have a go

Off he goes

Nate didn't quite understand waiting for his turn after he'd had his first run so continued to run up and down the field with a football for a long time. Until we grabbed him and took him out, he was probably the youngest on the field and left to get on with it, but he absolutely loved it and all the way home asked to play football. 

Bump he goes.
A big thank you to the NFL for this, we have finally found a sport Nate loves although it is one that I have no experience of playing. (I played a little rugby when I was at university)

Here's a Video of Nate having a go.

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