Monday, 17 June 2013

Flying checklist part 1

Out of the last four flights we have taken with Nate we have taken a carrier with us three times. The first time we flew with Nate he was 9 months old and it seemed silly not to take a carrier when he spent most of his time in it at home. The next time we were going on a short weekend away with no space for a pushchair and then we flew without it for a short weekend. I can't say I missed it as we were able to wheel the pushchair right up to the plane and pick it up from the same place and Nate is walking which is a help and a hindrance in equal measure at times. 

This trip we know we won't get the pushchair until baggage reclaim so we need something to carry Nate while we have to shuffle papers at customs. 

As we sit at the airport now Nate is strapped to my back in our Ergo carrier fast asleep after refusing to go in the pushchair as he was overtired. The decision to carry another item was worth it in this instance. 

All ready for his adventures. 

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