Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sunrise on a plane

I normally love flying. I dreaded flying this time as it was going to be just me and Nate with the 5000 things a toddler needs I wasn't sure I had enough hands. Nate was great, it being a night flight probably helped. I thinned out our hand luggage and I have to say I was glad I had as we used the things we had and didn't require anything else.

Packing list
Magazines(2 for Nate, 1 for me)
A book (Nate)
Nappies & wipes (3 changes worth)
A change of clothes (for Nate) 
Passport etc
A couple of baby flapjacks

Nate slept for most of the flight, after breakfast Nate woke up walked over to me and asked for a flapjack. This flight was almost dream like. 

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