Friday, 12 July 2013

Holiday in pictures

Here are a few pictures from our holidays:

This was taken in Speightstown, to the North West of Barbados. Nate loved looking out at the sea and was pointing to another beach.

All cuddled up to daddy. 

Happy to be in his big boy pants

At North Point in Barbados there are lovely picture opportunities. Here you can see an anchor in the distance. 

Enjoying the view from North Point

At The Crane, the lovely hotel in St Phillip Nate enjoyed looking at the fish, there were two ponds for the Koi, one outside one of the hotel blocks 

The other with lovely large Koi outside the Zen restaurant

For daddies birthday we went on a picnic in Barclays Park along the East Coast Road

Nate's favourite thing was airplane spotting so here we are at my favourite beach for the same reason. When I was younger I always thought the planes flew close enough to touch so would jump when the big jets flew over. 

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