Monday, 15 July 2013

Barbados family friendly destination?

We've just recently come back from being on holiday in Barbados, this isn't the first time we've been as a family but while there this time I started to think about it's family friendliness. The first time we went as a family was last year for our wedding and was our first holiday as a family. The hotel we stayed in had everything so you didn't need to leave at all. However, as I have family in Barbados we explored the island and found there were issues with baby changing facilities.

 One major attraction on the island told me I could find the baby change in the "ladies washroom" so off I went and there was no where to change Nate, it was the floor or nothing.
I thought this would be a one off occurrence and other places would have space to change babies but this time we went to an event and the baby change facilities with a sign post for it was on the counter top next to the sinks. For an older baby this isn't much of an issue as noted by my noticing only one place this year without proper changing facilities.

Using the carrier in town

Barbados as a whole I would say is family friendly however, unless you use a carrier it isn't going to be easy to get around. The pavements when there are pavements aren't built for prams or wheelchairs for that matter. Remember to pack that suncream and to take little children somewhere cool during the midday sun.

In the pram near Grandma's house, notice the lack of pavements.

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