Thursday, 11 July 2013

Hevea Alfie on holiday

We were lucky enough to be given a Hevea duck called Alfie while at the gTea last month. Nate loved Alfie so much we decided to take it with us on holiday. Here are a few pictures from our travels:

On the beach, Alfie made himself at home in the sand.

Alfie having a little swim

After all the hard work at the beach it was decided Alfie needed a jacuzzi bath.

Nate and Alfie enjoying bathtime.

Alfie gets to have a look at the beautiful Atlantic Sea from The Crane

Yummy, Alfie is tasty.

I'm really impressed with the Hevea duck it stood up to Nate chewing on it (his form of affection for his toys it seems) and it doesn't have that awful hole in the bottom that lets water in and then you're left with a mildewy duck. Plus Nate loves it.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Nate & Alfie So cute :-) Enjoy the holiday, Terese Hevea