Sunday, 21 July 2013

Baby Swimming

Just before his first swimming lesson

I've realised I haven't posted much about swimming and swimming is a big part of Nate's life. Nate started swimming at 9 weeks old, we both enjoyed the swimming lessons it was very relaxing in the water especially as the water was warm.


At 3 months old he went on his first underwater photo shoot. We started swimming with Little Dippers and took part in the photo shoot with them as well. Take a look at the photographers other underwater work, Zac Macaulay.

Swimming on holiday in the pool

We continued swimming until Nate finished Stage 7 of the Little Dippers course. After that we decided to take him swimming outside of lessons, unfortunately we didn't keep it up. Mainly I didn't enjoy being cold and as Nate was beginning to want his own freedom in the water the children's pool was always full.

Then a heated pool opened up near us, with the Little Dippers taking lessons there along with the Little Swim School so we decided to take Nate along. It took Nate a couple of weeks to get used to swimming again but he really started to enjoy it.

While on holiday Nate was either in the sea or the pool most days and was really swimming, it really surprised me that he could get to me from the side of the pool with little help from me. I just had to pick him up when he got to me.

I don't know if swimming has helped his confidence but Nate is a very confident little boy especially around water. He can happily get himself in the pool and hold on to the side and if the side is low enough he can climb back out.

He got himself in the pool...

and then out again.
Nate wasn't very sure of the sea and it took most of the time we were there for him to happily swim between us. Instead he favoured holding on to my back while I swam.

All in all we have loved our swimming lessons, in the beginning it was a good way to make friends with other mums but it has soon grown into something Nate loves and asks to do all the time.

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