Sunday, 16 June 2013

Travels with gNappies part 2

I've written a blog about travelling with gNappies before but I thought this time I'd show you how I travel with them. We use the disposable inserts when travelling as we are flying to Barbados, it's an eight hour flight too long for wet cloth for me.

There is a lot of things we have to remember in out hand luggage. The last time we flew to Barbados we ended up doubling our hand luggage after security with all the bits we ended up buying. "Calpol, check, nappies, check, wipes, toys, blanket, dummy etc... The list seems never ending. 

To make nappy changes easy for me, I pack a little nappy change kit which contains a nappy, nappy insert and wipes. 

Then I pack an extra complete gNappy in a nappy bag and in another nappy bag I have pack six extra inserts which should be more than enough. 

I have an emergency Eco disposable packed just in case. 

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