Friday, 7 June 2013

Dairy Free Pizza

Not too long ago Nate's nursery said he wasn't eating his tea. It didn't take us long to work out why, all of the other children were eating pizza while he had toast with vegemite. They asked if I could think of an alternative so I went home and made special pizza's for him. I use a basic pizza dough, there is one on the BBC website that works well. Once the dough has had it's first rise. I divide it up into small balls and stretch it out by hand.

Once it has been stretched by hand, add a little tomato paste this time I used sun dried tomato paste.

On top of the paste, I added sliced courgette. Normally I get the baby courgettes as they work better on the small pizza's.

Just for a fresh tomato taste sliced baby tomatoes.

Then some sweetcorn and sliced pastrami for this pizza, I've used sliced ham or pre-cooked chicken before.

I freeze them on a slip of greaseproof paper individually on a plate and then after half an hour package them up with cling film and send them up to nursery individually packaged. Nate loves them and if he sees me making them has to have one for his supper that night. They are perfect for a quick supper if we need something for Nate. 

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