Monday, 10 June 2013

gTea Summer 2013

Friday was the day for gNappies gTea, I'm a bit of a fan of gNappies or gDiapers as I first found them. It was a great day with lots of lovely gMums and gDads.

The lovely gCupcakes

There was even a surprise guest in the form of the new royal gNappy. It's a lovely dark purple with a minkee finish unlike the other gNappies and with embroidered embellishment of the g and crown. We can't wait for it to be released.

As part of the gTea, gNappies were filming and taking lots of pictures of the gBabies who all seemed to have a really lovely time walking up and down the carpet babywalk. There was even a table with a few nibbles on some of them were supplied by a lovely gMum who couldn't make it to the gTea itself.

Eating his strawberry while being filmed
At several points the rain started and stopped, so we made for cover under some trees. Even the rain didn't spoil the sprit of the day.

It was a great time for swapping cloth advice and asking for any help with your g's or any cloth nappy, the gCommunity are always lovely and happy to help if you have a look at the gNappies facebook page you'll see examples of gMums helping other gMums. 

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