Friday, 14 June 2013

Organix Paste Pots.

Well, we finally tried the Organix paste pots as we needed a few small meals for Nate for the evenings. We've found that Nate is ready for his dinner after we have eaten as he eats tea just before we pick him up from Nursery. It was a good time to try the paste pots I bought a little while ago.

We decided to use the Red Thai paste pot.

I made a couple of changes to the recipe, I didn't grate the carrot I chopped them up small instead. Also Nate isn't very keen on peppers so I decided to use baby corn, which he loves. So after sweating the onions and red pepper for a few minutes. I then browned the mince.

The desiccated coconut and paste pot go in. At this point I got a little worried as the mixture seemed very dry and I have to say I added a little bit more water than specified in the recipe. I think next time I would probably add some tomato paste along with the water

For the last few minutes the sweetcorn goes in. I portioned them out to four Nate sized portions with pasta instead of rice as stated in the recipe and froze them. I had a little taste and have to say they are quite nice, you get a lovely taste of the lemongrass and it is a perfect introduction to Thai curries for Nate. 

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