Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Minnies Macaroon Review

We were sent a beautifully crocheted hat from Minnies Macaroon to review. It arrived very quickly, it felt like the next day although I think it was two days and I didn't have to tell Nate who it was for.

Nate has recently decided that he doesn't want to wear a hat and as it is slowly getting colder we have been wondering how can we encourage (make) him to wear a hat. I hadn't thought of a novelty hat, as soon as his froggy hat was unwrapped Nate was happy to wear it and go outside, the hat stayed on all day. When he is picked up from nursery he asks for his froggy and happily wears it. The yarn of the hat is soft and the details of the hat don't affect the wearing of it.

The hat is beautifully soft and I adore the detail that has gone into it. Minnies Macaroon stock lots of different character hats and the sizes range from baby all the way up to adult, which is perfect as Nate has nearly lost his hat to an aunty. 

Have a look at their website as there are lots of other nice bits to look at. I have my eye on a hat for myself but secretly wish they made the Mickey Mouse hat in an adult size.

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