Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas tree cake

It's been a busy week here and I thought I'd blog about one of the things we made for the Christmas table from Disney - cakes & sweets magazine Christmas special. It came with a tree mould to make a Christmas tree cake, so we decided to make the 3D version.

One of the first things I set about doing after whipping together the mixture, although the mixture didn't quite stretch to two cakes, was making presents to put under the Christmas tree. 

Another little moan about the recipe it called for 1kg of icing sugar and 500g of butter to make butter icing and we using roughly half of the butter icing, so there wasn't quite enough cake mix and we used the icing to hide the lack of cake in the middle at the tip of the tree and way too much butter icing. 

Our finished cake, I made the star freehand as the moulds that came with the magazine weren't deep enough for our liking and the icing was quite difficult to get out of the moulds in one piece. Nate was very impressed with the Christmas tree.

Disclaimer - I didn't use any dairy free alternatives in this cake so Nate wasn't able to try any but you can use dairy-free spread or Trex to make Butter icing so it is dairy free.

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