Thursday, 5 December 2013

Disney's Frozen

Last night we went to a preview of the new Disney film Frozen 3D. First of all a moan about 3D glasses, they are always too big and fall off. Which makes it hard to enjoy a really good film however, I forgot about the uncomfortable glasses as soon as the film started.

The film had all the elements that make a good Disney film. There are jokes and subtexts as always that go over the heads of young children. There are scary bits for both the young and older audience: Nate found the monster very scary, but loved Olaf the Snowman.

There was also a Q&A session after the film however, Nate was ready to leave so we only got to hear the answers to the first two questions.

But the film made enough of an impression on him that he went on about carrots (used for the snowman's nose) all the way home.

I think it's a film we'll be seeing again at the cinema. It's out at cinemas tomorrow (6th December).

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